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5/23/2018 - 5/24/2018 Disaster Management for Public Services

5/24/2018 - 5/25/2018 ICS400 Advanced Incident Command System

5/29/2018 - 5/29/2018 WebEOC Operator Training

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POST Certification Requirements

In order to comply with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Certification requirements, the following criteria needs to be met before offering a POST certified FEMA or SEMA sponsored emergency management training course.

Contact the State Training Officer

When scheduling a POST certified FEMA or SEMA course in your area, the State Training Manager must be contacted to set the date and location.  Notification should occur 90 days prior to training date.  The local point of contact should receive course manuals within 8 weeks after the request has been approved.

Instructor Must Meet Requirements

The instructor must have attended an appropriate train-the-trainer course or be approved by the State Training Officer. The instructor must be certified by the Missouri Police Chief's Association as a POST instructor.  To verify that an instructor is POST certified, please contact SEMA's Training Dept. at (573) 526-9111 or (573) 526-9256.

Potential instructors must be approved by SEMA prior to instructing a FEMA or SEMA course.  To gain approval, submit the POST Instructor Application Form http://training.dps.mo.gov/trainingwebsite.nsf/str/AllForms/$file/postappform.pdf along with a copy of the instructors bio describing why instructor is qualified to teach the intended course.  Send to Jim Charrier, State Training & Exercise Manager, P. O. Box 116, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or email to jim.charrier@sema.dps.mo.gov.

Submit Required Material to the State Training Officer

When the course is concluded, the following items need to be returned to SEMA's State Training Officer.  These forms are available through SEMA's Training Section.  If additional information is need, please call (573) 526-9121.

sheets
Course manager's report (completed and signed)
Participant evaluation forms (completed)
Agenda (containing dates, times and instructor assignments)
Course roster
Copy of test scores (if applicable)
Scantron test forms (if applicable)

Please make sure that all the above items are filled out completely and submitted to SEMA's Training Section within one week of the conclusion of the course.