Region I WebEOC Drill
Exercise Description:
Two years ago Region I completed a WebEOC Drill which indicated gaps of knowledge and usage within the region. As a result, WebEOC training was conducted in each county to close these gaps and increase the number of active users. To complete the cycle and show improvement has occurred, there will be a follow-up Drill scheduled for October 12, 2017.
Drill Information:
This Regional Drill will be initiated by an e-mail.
Opportunity to Participate:
If you would like to participate in this exercise, please see the attached Informational Flyer for details.
Point of Contact:
If you have questions about the exercise or would like additional information, please contact Michelle Nienhuis, SEMA Exercise Officer at or Brett Hendrix, SEMA Region I Area Coordinator at
Region I WebEOC Drill Informational Flyer  PDF