Region H Communications Seminar/Workshop
First Christian Church
318 North Pine Street
Cameron, MO
Exercise Description:
This year’s progressive exercise series will focus on a mass casualty incident that interrupts normal communication methods. Who do you contact? How will you contact them? Who should staff your Emergency Operations Center?
Increase awareness of the different types of communication available to your jurisdiction when primary methods fail.
Workshop- Bring Your Communication Plan:
Participants will work to identify a communication plan when primary methods are overwhelmed and mutual aid is requested.
Opportunity to Participate:
If you plan to attend both the SEMINAR and the WORKSHOP, you will need to register for both activities!
If you would like to participate in the SEMINAR, please register at:
If you would like to participate in the WORKSHOP, please register at:
Point of Contact:
If you have questions about the exercise or would like additional information, please contact Michelle Nienhuis, SEMA Exercise Officer at
Region H Communications Exercise Series Informational Flyer  PDF  
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