Participants List - Management of Spontaneous Volunteers in Disasters
05/11/2017 - 05/11/2017


Beardslee, Thomas AScott Co Emergency Mgt 

Besemer, Steve SEMA 

Biondo, Kim Mercy Hospital Lincoln 

Carver, Dennis LMercy Hospital Lincoln 

Daniels, Michael LWarren Co. EMA 

Engle, John A.Eureka Fire Prot Dist  

Fair, Shawna Lincoln County EMA 

Hargis, Kermit KPolk County Health CenterCourse Manager


Kolbe, Bandi DCourse Instructor

Minks, Cody LSt. Charles County Department of Public Health 

Myers, Rick Mineral Area Search and Rescue 

OLSON, RACHEL DCity of Independence Emerg Prep 

Paige, Skye RJackson Co Emergency Preparedness 

Smith, Steven CWebster Co Emergency Mgt 

Sowers, Donald GJohnson Co EMA 

Sowers, Debra BJohnson County EMA 

Taylor, Megan City of O'Fallon 

Weir, Scott MLincoln County Fire Protection District 

WRIGHT, JORDAN TBoone County Office of Emergency Management