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All Hazards Preparedness for Animals in Disasters
Start Date:07/12/2018
End Date:07/12/2018
Facility:Warren County EMA
Legal studies:
Interpersonal perspectives:
Technical studies:
Skill Development:
Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:This course will provide tools to protect, respond to, and recover from the consequences of disasters e.g. fire, flood, heat, earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, hazardous materials and catastrophic disease exposure involving animals in rural communities. The course will introduce participants to the unique issues that must be considered and addressed when animals are involved in an emergency such as safe animal handling, animal evacuation, animal sheltering, humane euthanasia and carcass disposal, inclusion of animal management into existing ICS structures, federal support available during recovery, and unique considerations for conducting jurisdictional assessments and mapping evacuation routes. All content will be presented in a blended learning style in which introductory material will be presented online and hands-on, problem-solving activities will be completed in small groups at the face-to-face portion of the class. Prerequisites: IS100, IS200, and IS700. Prerequisites can be found and completed at In addition a Web Based Training (WBT) course is required to be completed prior to approval. Information on the WBT will be provided when individuals register for the class.