Course Offering

Team Approach to Foodborne Outbreak Response
Start Date:04/24/2018
End Date:04/25/2018
Facility:St Louis County Public Health
Lodging:No lodging provided
Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:This course addresses the training needs of staff from state and local government agencies who have some expertise and experience in foodborne disease outbreak response and knowledge of their agencies’ current outbreak investigation capabilities. Individuals from federal agencies and the food industry also benefit from participation in this course, since it identifies how the skills, resources, and expertise of all levels of government can be effectively connected to better work together within an integrated national food safety system. Prerequisites: Course participants must have knowledge appropriate to their discipline with respect to foodborne disease outbreaks and, ideally, at the Journeyman level, with 2 or more years of practical experience. Participants are required to have awareness-level knowledge of the food supply chain and associated vulnerabilities; the types of incidents, threat agents, and available vulnerability assessment tools associated wtih a food defense incident; information-sharing networks at the federal, state, and local levels; roles and authorities of federal agencies and industry during a post-harvest food incident; food surveillance, epidemiological investigation, and response efforts; basic principles associated with NIMS and the Incident Command System; and the key activities of an active Emergency Operations Center (EOC). In addition, ICS100, ICS200, ICS700 and ICS800 are highly recommended.