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Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents: Partnering Rural Law Enforcement Personnel, First Responders and Local School Systems
Start Date:08/03/2017
End Date:08/03/2017
Facility:MSHP Troop I
Legal studies:
Interpersonal perspectives:
Technical studies:
Skill Development:
Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:This awareness level course has been developed to educate rural law enforcement personnel as well as school administrators and personnel on the elements that must be in place to effectively respond to a school-based emergency. Rural schools, law enforcement, and other emergency responders are often limited in resources, so it is imperative that all potentially affected parties collaborate on planning, preparing, communicating, responding, and recovering from a school-based incident. This course provides an opportunity to partner the rural emergency response community and the local school systems. Specifically, this course will allow them to collabrate, communicate, and share information, to achieve coordinated awareness of, prevention of, protection against, and response to school-based incidents in a rural community. PREREQUISITES: Attendees must be US Citizens.