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Rail Car Incident Response
Start Date:05/05/2018
End Date:05/05/2018
Facility:Joplin Public Safety Training Facility
Legal studies:
Interpersonal perspectives:
Technical studies:
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Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:This course has been developed to educate rural emergency responders on freight rail car incidents involving hazardous materials. Through this course, participants will gain an understanding of potential hazards at a train derailment, the properties of specific chemicals, and various incident control, confinement and containment mitigation techniques. In addition, participants will learn about basic rail car design and construction features as well as damage assessment strategies to help interpret damage to the rail cars in the event of an incident. Upon completion of this course, participants should be better prepared to respond to a freight rail car incident without endangering the health and safety of the responders and the environment.