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Emergency Response To Terrorism: Operations
Start Date:08/30/2017
End Date:08/31/2017
Facility:Cole County FPD Station 4 Training Room
Lodging:Best Western Plus, 573-635-4175
Legal studies:
Interpersonal perspectives:
Technical studies:
Skill Development:
Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:The Emergency Response to Terrorism: Operations (ERT: Ops) is a 16-hour, participant-centered instructor led training program consisting of 5 modules that include group interactive exercises. The program is designed to enable emergency responders to identify the key concepts related to responding to incidents involving weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). By completing this course, participants will meet most of the refresher requirements for the operations level of 29 CFR 1910.120. This course provides a brief review of concepts for hazardous materials response, but focuses on emergency response to incidents involving WMDs. The curriculum includes significant dates in terrorism, definitions, terrorist and terrorist groups and the impacts of terrorism. It identifies locations and potential targets of terrorism along with recent events, emergency response and types of hazards encountered at incidents involving WMDs. The course utilizes IAFF’s Analyze, Plan, Implement and Evaluate (APIE): A Risk-Based Response Process for effective responses to incidents involving WMDs and allows participant the opportunity to work through several WMD scenarios.