Course Offering

Wide Area Search
Start Date:04/18/2017
End Date:04/20/2017
Facility:Benson Center
Lodging:Hampton Inn, 660-885-4488
Legal studies:
Interpersonal perspectives:
Technical studies:
Skill Development:
Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:The Wide Area Search course is 80% interactive classroom instruction and 20% task-oriented exercises. Students gain classroom and hands-on experience in wide area search techniques and operations. This course is designed for first time students as well as the seasoned first responder looking to expand their capabilities. This course is part of the US&R Search Program.
The participants will learn how to prepare for a wide area search incident and how to operate as a search asset at the first responder level in an all risk, wide area search incident, as well as how to effectively utilize information to manage and plan the search of a large geographic area. Additionally, the participants will learn building and search marking systems and referencing systems utilized at wide area search incidents. The course concludes with a comprehensive table top exercise to reinforce the previous two days of instruction. During the exercise, the students will conduct an initial survey of an affected area, prioritize the areas to be searched, and then assign search resources.