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Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks
Start Date:10/04/2017
End Date:10/05/2017
Facility:Kansas City Police Dept Training Academy
Lodging:No lodging provided
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Sponsor(s):Missouri State Emergency Management Agency
Description:This course provides first responders from multiple disciplines with skills to manage the initial response to a large-scale attack in a chaotic environment during a complex coordinated attack (CCA). It aims to train responders in how to use intuitive skills such as observation, analysis, anticipation, and awareness to recognize the possibility of an attack involving multiple incidents of an extreme magnitude that inundate resources, exceed conventional tactics and strategies, and often require a joint response involving members from multiple disciplines and jurisdictions. Topics for discussion include recognizing the characteristics of a potential CCA; coordinating and integrating the response of multiple disciplines and agencies; managing resources; using information gathering and sharing to develop awareness; and solving problems using creative thinking. Participants will learn to gather and disseminate critical information accordingly in order to facilitate rapid analysis. They will also learn to recognize and prevent potential response obstacles or risks to safety including self-deployment and over convergence of assets. Participants will apply the skills learned in Critical Decision Making for Complex Coordinated Attacks through interactive activities, facilitated discussion, and practical application in a training environment.